Bridge Project

Replacement of Warren Bridge No. 124

Replacement of Warren Bridge No. 124

Location: Warren, RI

Owner: RIDOT

Contact Value: $12,474,747

Project Description

In 2005, Aetna Bridge began construction of a new permanent bridge structure over the Palmer River in Warren, RI. The Historic Preservation and Heritage Commission wanted the new bridge to resemble the original. Therefore, the reconstruction incorporated elements that emulate the original span’s aesthetics such as granite stone masonry was used to build the bases of the piers and abutment stems in an effort to mimic the original construction. Additionally, the railing included a pedestrian rail with intermittent decorative concrete pylons between rail sections supporting ornamental lights.

The new bridge is a four-span, 260-foot long, pre-stressed concrete structure that resembles an arch bridge. The box girders that are only visible from beneath the bridge support the roadway. Precast concrete arch fascias resembling the original concrete arch design hide the girders. The girders were founded on cast-in-place piers constructed within temporary steel cofferdams. The new bridge replaced the temporary bridge, which was also built by Aetna Bridge in 1998. The demolition of the temporary bridge was also included in this contract.

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