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Aetna Bridge Company celebrates diversity on all levels and is committed to
creating an inclusive environment for all during the hiring process and at all
stages thereafter. We embrace the valuable skills and perspectives that a
diverse workforce brings to our Company.


Our Company, its owners, and senior management make it a priority to provide applicants and employees equal opportunity, diversity, and inclusion in our personnel decisions. Throughout the years, we have contributed to the coaching and growth of females, minorities, and veteran trainees/apprentices and journeymen from various trades, such as laborers, ironworkers, painters, and carpenters. To further show Aetna Bridge Company’s support for those trainees/apprentices, upon graduation from the program, we have hired many as full-time journeymen. We have also promoted minorities to supervisory positions.

Even with these efforts, we recognize that there are areas where we need to increase our impact to ensure employees have a sense of belonging, value, and opportunity.

To achieve this goal, we proudly partner with and support community organizations such as Women in the Trade, Building Futures, and the US Veterans Affairs Administration. Through such partnerships we are determined to foster a culturally diverse, inclusive, and supportive work environment.

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