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CLIENT:           RIDOT


The scope of this RIDOT project involved the replacement of the existing bridge structure on a busy onramp to Rt I-195.  The proposed design implemented a variety of Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) techniques and advanced structure erection techniques, which were new to the Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT). The contract permitted 31 days for the bridge to be closed for construction.  Thorough skillful execution of these ABC techniques the bridge closure time was reduced to 22 days. 

There was significant coordination between RIDOT and Aetna Bridge to facilitate the necessary public outreach.  Once the detour was installed, the bridge was demolished, and support of excavation system was installed to restrain the embankment for an adjacent ramp, which cleared the way for the reconstruction of the bridge.  The substructure was comprised of 59 large precast units which were all connected to each other with grouted splice sleeves.  Meticulous planning and extensive survey control were required to ensure proper fit up of the these pieces.  There were no misfit issues despite the complexity of the construction.  The superstructure consisted of two 85’ long, 216,600-pound precast bridge units (PBU’s) with a closure pour.  These pieces were fabricated onsite by Aetna Bridge crews to make certain the pieces would be fabricated on schedule.  

The PBU’s were hoisted into place using a 400 ton crawler crane and Aetna Bridge’s AISC Advanced Structural Steel Erector certified ironworkers.  In order to open the bridge ahead of schedule, there was significant coordination between RIDOT, labor forces, vendors, and subcontractors, working around the clock for several weeks.   Associated work included full 

depth pavement reconstruction on the approaches, guardrail installation, curb installation, drainage improvements, and maintenance and movement of traffic.  

The project was awarded the 2016 Bronze Engineering Excellence Award.

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